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Friday 17th November

Hello and welcome back to Yr5W blog.



We carried on the work on the times table research this week by having a timed test. We then went on to looking at divisibility rules to determine whether a number can be divided evenly without leaving a remainder. For example, a number:-

  • Is divisible by 2 if it ends with 0,2,4,6,8.

  • Is divisible by 5 will always end with a 5 or 0

  • Is divisible by 10 always end in 0

    Not as well known:-

  • Is divisible by 3 if the sum of the digits can be divided by 3

  • Is divisible by 4 if the last two digits are a number that is divisible by 4

  • Is divisible by 6 if the last digit can be divided by 2 and the sum of the digits cab be divided by 3

  • Is divisible by 7 if for 3 digit numbers, double the last digit and subtract it from the last 2 digits. The total can be divided by 364 4x2 = 8 36-8= 28

    28 can be divided by 7

  • Is divisible by 8 if the last 3 digits form a number that can be divided by 8

  • Is divisible by 9 if when you add all the digits the number made can be divided by 9

    Try the interactive game


Having had a cinema trip last week to watch The Emoji Movie, our first task of the week was to write a film review. We wrote a brief summery of the film, including the main characters; namely Gene, Hi-5, Jailbreak who all are emojis on a teenage boy’s (Alex) smart phone. We had to say which our favourite part was and give it an emoji rating!

Using emoji pictures we had to describe parts of the film. Next, we had to brain storm the feelings Gene had in preparation for writing a diary entry.


We started a new topic this week; Animals and Humans. We began by looking at the gestation of a human baby. We learnt that it normally takes around 40 weeks for a baby to develop in the mother’s body. We also compared the gestation periods of other mammals; recording them in bar graphs. It seemed to follow that the larger the mammal the longer the gestation period.


Viking Longships were our focus this week. Did you know they were also known as ‘Dragonships’? We looked at and labelled the different parts and completed a comprehension on them.

Pupil of the Week is

Logan Bamford for realising the importance of reading at home every night. This has inspired him to write his own stories both at home and during lunch time!

It impressed Miss Lodge so much; she picked him as the Upper Phase Cup winner. Brilliant!!



We have no birthdays this week.


And finally

Thank you to everyone for your donations to Children in Need. Your tremendous efforts, as ever, are greatly appreciated.


                                              Have a safe and happy weekend!