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Friday 17th November 2017

Welcome back.  Well, another busy week here in Year 4...Bet you knew that already, huh?

In English we have been busy working on our class novel Varjak Paw by SF Said.  It is amazing!  It has us on the edge of our seats.  On Monday our teachers got us to a point in the story where a character called Sally Bones was about to make an appearance.  SF Said had hinted throughout about how mysterious a character she was.  She was tough and mean -she was the leader of a gang of street cats and you really did not want to mess with her.  Then, our teachers being teachers -they stopped the story just short of the grand entrance of Sally Bones.  And why? We hear you ask.  So that on Tuesday we could have a go at writing the chapter for ourselves.  Cruel or clever?  You decide -take a look at our work below.  We used a `Structure Strip' (for the first time ever) to help focus on the main events etc.  What do you think?  

In Maths we have been looking at factor pairs.  Factor pairs are numbers which when multiplied together give a specific numbers.  So for example, the factor pairs for 12 are, 1 x 12, 2 x 6, and 3 x 4.  Knowing our factor pairs helps greatly with our understanding and quick recall of our times tables.  Take a look at these online activities of factors. Here and here


In topic we created a timeline for entertainment in the 20th Century.  It's amazing some of the facts we found out.  For example -Did you know...1905 -`ping-pong' was introduced to the world.  In 1907, Lord Baden-Powell founded the Scout movement and it wasn't until 1936 that the first Olympics were broadcast on television.  Some amazing facts.

We've had a great day today -Children in Need Day, hope you enjoy the rest of the day and have a lovely weekend.  See you next week.