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Friday 17th November

Well done to everyone for your fantastic efforts with your Children in Need outfits.  The children look amazing!!! A special mention to Holly, who won the certificate and pupil of the week award, for donating her pocket money to help children who aren't as lucky as her. It was a very selfless and kind gesture.



We have been continuing our work on 'The Snail and the Whale' by Julia Donaldson. This week the whale washed up on our playground.  There was only one thing for us to do...... Save the Whale.  We made a line and poured water on the whale.  We dug the sand around him until he was able to swim free.  Mr Moore also showed us a video of a real life whale that was stranded in New Zealand and they did the same things as us to help save the whale.  We have been writing about how to save a whale so others can help in future.



We have been continuing our work on addition.  We have been counting on from the largest number and counting on from various numbers (not just starting at 0 or 1).



We have been monitoring the weather this week.  Some days it has been cold and frosty and others sunny.  We have measured the temperature using a thermometer.



We found out about the Arctic (North Pole) and Antarctic (South Pole).  We found out that penguins only live at the South Pole, that lots of animals have white fur so they blend in with the snow and to protect them from predators, and that animals from cold places have a layer of fat, called blubber, which helps to keep them warm.


Enjoy your weekend.  Gold cards are being issued every time a pupil reads 10 books so please help them with their reading at home as much as you can.

Thank you

Miss Lodge, Mrs Connah and Miss Seddon.