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Friday 17th November

Hello there!


In English this week we have started to develop the children's ability to apply inference skills in specifically taught ways. These are tough skills but like everything, over time can be taught and improved. Specifically, we have practised how sketching out what we visualise in our heads can help us make sense of what we read. Stick men definitely allowed, as long as they help us to understand and get a sense of what is going on. The other method is even trickier: using quotes. Good readers must gain insight into characters, settings and events by making inferences and deductions beyond the words that are actually literally stated. Sometimes this is referred to as "reading between the lines." To this end we have skimmed texts and used short phrases to offer descriptions as to what they are suggesting. The key to it is: can you support and justify your thought? These skills will be continuously explored.


In maths we have been experimenting with strategies to add and subtract fractions, including mixed numbers, in the hope of securing the best one for us that can be learned and used. There are variations depending on whether one is adding and subtracting, whether one is dealing with mixed numbers (whole numbers and fractions together) and when subtracting, how effective are you at comparing fraction parts to see which is the bigger. Complex, isn't it! Nevertheless we will endeavour to find the best ways.


Finally, in topic, the children have used atlases to name and locate countries, their capitals and other major cities, as well as delving into what is meant by lines of latitude and longitude. Did you know that Wigan is 53.54 degrees North and 2.63 degrees West? Well you do now!


Have a great week