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Friday 18th January



Oliver Twist, the novel that was given as Christmas home reading has provided the hook for most of our English work this week. We have described settings (The Workhouse) and characters (Fagin) during writing tasks and made inferences regarding characters to test our reading skills. The technique we try to use is where we select quotes and text references to offer justified descriptions of characters.


E.g.  In the text, Fagin kept Oliver locked up in a tiny room. This suggests he is cruel and uncaring.


In maths, we have practiced various calculations involving decimal numbers, including where decimals numbers are divided by 2 digit whole numbers - very challenging!


We launched our new Victorians topic this week by transforming our classrooms (as best we could) into their Victorian counterparts. The children spent the afternoon only speaking when spoken to, having their hands checked for cleanliness, reciting the Lord's Prayer and learning the 3 Rs by rote. Children had to use their right hand only regardless and only Copperplate style writing was acceptable. How times have changed?


Have a great week,