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Friday 18th May 2018

Wow, what a week we’ve been having here in Year 4. 

In English, we have been looking at characters.  You can tell a lot about characters without being told…does that make sense?  Let’s explain.  Sometimes we can tell what a character might be feeling or what they are like by what they say, how they say it, or what they do.  Have a look at the text below and see if you can `infer’ (that’s what we can it when we aren’t told, but can read a character.)


Miya came out of the bathroom with tears in her eyes. She ran down to the cafeteria and asked the staff if they had any rice. Fortunately for Miya, Ms. Lucille did. Ms. Lucille filled a red plastic cup about half way with white rice grains and handed it to Miya. Miya pulled a damp phone from out of her back pocket and pushed it into the dry rice grains inside of the plastic cup. She sincerely thanked Ms. Lucille and then went back to class. She felt relieved, but she was still a little worried.


Why is Miya upset at the beginning of the passage?


Why does Miya put her phone in the cup of rice?


Why is Miya relieved but still worried at the end of the text?

Take a look at this cool online detective game. Here

In maths, we have been working on time.  That is to say that the topic of our maths has been `time'.  Not that we have been working on time, like we normally work late, or run late like the trains or buses.frown  We have been looking at how time can be shown as a digital or analogue time.  We have been reading the time from both clocks.  We have been looking at 24 hour times, and converting minutes to hours, seconds to minute.  Phew! Busy week eh?

Check out these time activities.

`Telling the time' here

`Telling the time in words' here

`Match the times' here


Well, we'll see you next week.  Oh, remember our Sports Day is on Tuesday.  Bye for now.