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Friday 18th May

Hello and welcome back to our penultimate 5W’s blog of this half term.



In maths, we started the week with a little assessment on fractions; to show what we had remembered. This was followed by some consolidation work on decimals.

Play the decimal detective game.


This week we concentrated on SPAG. Our first task was looking at the use of commas. Did you know they can change the meaning of a sentence?

For example :- Slow children crossing! or Slow, children crossing! The first example means children are crossing slowly. Where the second is a command to slow down, as children are crossing.

Following this, Miss Power gave us some sentences. We had to decide where to place the commas and to say why the comma was needed.

  • Parenthesis

  • Separate items in a list

  • BOYS sentence

  • After direct speech

  • Fronted Adverbial

  • Add extra information

    We then began to look at our new literacy focus novel ‘Bill’s New Frock’ by Anne Fine. We were given a copy of the front cover and the blurb and we had to use inference and deduction to try and work out what the story would be about. Following this, we collected adjectives to describe Bill.



We wrote a brief description of the experiment we did last week (on weight and mass) recording the equipment used, a diagram and finally our conclusion; which was; the heavier in grams the object (mass) the stronger the gravitational pull in Newtons (weight).


We’ve had an exciting few weeks learning how to make a computer game. It’s on a programme called Scratch. The game is similar to space invaders with a rocket that has to shoot falling bombs.


We had great fun learning about the Royal family, prior to the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

We looked at the Royal family tree, we designed a present that we would give to the couple and designed a wedding cake, to name a few.

Pupil of the week is Codie Atkins for just being Codie! She is always ready to learn, gives her best in everything she does and is the kindest friend anyone could wish for.



  • It’s sports day on Tuesday so sun cream and hats if it’s sunny.

  • We break up on Thursday 24th May for half term. The new term begins on Monday 4th June.


    Enjoy the Royal Wedding weekend and we’ll see you next week.