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Friday 18th November 2016

Hello, and welcome back to Y4F's Blog of the Week!   Firstly, we'd like to welcome a new member to our class -Jack.  Already he has been impressing his teachers -well done Jack.   It's been a very special day today in school,  in fact, all over the country.  Yes, today is Children in Need Day.  More about that in a little while.  First, what have we been upto this week we hear you ask.  You didn't ask?  Well, we're going to be so bold as to tell you anyway.surprise

In English, we have been looking at more stories from Dragonory. On Monday we read The Clever Wish.  This was the story of an unlucky man who cleverly squeezed 4 wishes into the one wish he had been granted by a magical unicorn. Later in the week,  we tried to summarise each of the stories we have read so far.  Summarising is when you tell the story through just the main points -just like Mr P did with The Clever Wish.  He told us what the whole story was about in one sentence.  Wow!  He has had a little practice though.frown

Try us out at home on these stories.  Ask us to summarise Dragonory, Lazy Jack, The Papaya that Spoke, The Liar, or Callum's favourite -Jack Foretells the Future.  You'll be really impressed -and if we summarise well, it should only take a few sentences to tell you what the whole story was about.


We have to say, Maths has been really exciting this week. Mr Price introduced us to the `short method for multiplication'.  Wow....we took to it like a duck to orange sauce.cheeky  We have been calculating 2 digit numbers multiplied by a 1 digit.  See if you can complete these correctly.  If you are struggling ask us for help -we'll show the

Answers upside down at the bottom of this week's blog

In PE we started a new dance.  Whoa, it was tricky.  We're hoping to perfect it over the next couple of weeks.  We will try to video it to show you when it's done.  In Science, we made simple circuits with just 2 wires, bulb and bulb holder and a battery.  In PSHE we watched an animation called For The Birds.  It was really funny, but also had a serious message.  Take a look and see if you know what the message might be.

Pixar - For the Birds

Uploaded by Tobias Lösch on 2014-06-22.

Okay, so to finish our blog for this week Children in Need.  Thank you for your kind donations, the children looked great in spotty outfits and fancy dress.  We did a little writing about Children in Need and why it's an important fundraising event.  We have posted Evie's, Jack's, James' and Anmol's work.  Check them out.  See you next week, take care.