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Friday 18th November

What a week!


This weeks pupil of the week went to Liliana as she is becoming more independent everyday, she is taking ownership of her own work and we are all proud of her.


Terrence won the award for perfect punctuality as he has been in on time, everyday this week! Keep it up.


You can see who are superstar readers are below!



In maths we have continued to look at subtraction, we have moved on to look at subtracting 3 digit from 3 digits using the expanded method. This has included regrouping our 1's and 10's. We are really good at this now.



In English we have been looking at prefixes and suffixes. Prefixes come at the start of a word and change its meaning, whilst suffixes come at the end and can add meaning to a word.

Can you think of any words that use the prefix 'Re'?



We carried out an investigation to test the durability, permeability and buoyancy of 5 different rocks. Do you know what these words mean?



In Topic we looked at what humans ate in prehistoric Britain and how they got their food. We then looked at how this changed over the years. Did you know that in the Stone Age they ate raw animal brains? Ewwww!


After that, we looked at Skara Brae. This is the remains of a prehistoric Britain village, located on The Orkney Islands at the Northern tip of Scotland. We can learn a lot about how people lived by looking at the remains of Skara Brae.



In our gymnastics lesson, we looked at different ways to roll. Theres the egg roll, dish roll, forward roll, pencil roll, kneeling roll and the teddy bear roll! It made us very dizzy!