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Friday 18th November

Friday 18th November


Welcome back to Year 5F’s blog for this week.


Maths – The children have continued concentrating on multiplication and division this week. They have investigated what a multiple is. They found out it is the product of multiplying two numbers. So multiples of 3 would be 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30,33,36 etc… The children then moved on to investigating factors. Factors are numbers that divide equally into another number. For example, both 7 and 8 are factors of 56.

Factors usually come in pairs so the children then had to work out all the factor pairs for given numbers. 24 has the factors 1 and 24, 2 and 12, 3 and 8 as well as 4 and 6!


Play alongside TV's Dick and Dom on this fun Factors and Multiples Game...

English – This week the children have been looking at diaries. They began by looking at the features of diaries. They discovered that they usually have a date at the top, are written in the past tense, are first person (use the words me, my, I, we, us etc), have time connectives at the beginning of paragraphs, they are written in a chatty informal style, they contain emotions, feelings and personal opinions. Next, they were shown a new type of super sentence called an EMOTION sentence. This puts an emotion or feeling, followed by a comma, at the beginning of a sentence. For example,


Desperately, I searched for my dad in the crowd.


The children went on to write some emotion sentences of their own. This was building up to them writing their own diary entry as if they were Dylan, from the film Paper Planes. They had to imagine that it was the day Of the Paper Planes Final in Tokyo, Japan and write from the point of view of Dylan. How was he feeling before the competition began? What was going through his mind? Did he think he could win? What made him change his design at the last minute? How did he feel when his dad walked in?


Science – The children have been learning about life-cycles. The children have looked at the life-cycle of a dragonfly and written about each of the four stages. They have also learned about the life-cycle of birds. They then wrote and drew the life-cycle of either a chicken or a black swan.


Take a look at this website which helps to explain what a life-cycle is and how they differ amongst animals...

As we are sure you are aware, it has been Children in Need Day in school. Well done and a big thank you to all the children and parents for their kind donations which will all be sent off to Children in Need. Everybody looks fabulous with their spots, fancy dress, superhero and non-uniform clothes. This afternoon the children took part in a Children in Need 'The Apprentice'  activity. They had to work in teams to create a project to inspire Lord Sugar and become his next apprentice. They had fabulous fun and really enjoyed themselves. Take a look at the children from today...

Our CERTIFICATE WINNER this week was Ellie for being fantastic, giving 100% in everything that she does and for always having a smile on her face. What a super star we all think Ellie is! She went on to be chosen as the UPPER PHASE PUPIL OF THE WEEK and won the trophy to take home until next Friday. A colossal well done to Ellie from all of Year 5F!   

All that remains to say is have a great weekend.