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Friday 18th October

Hello and welcome to our blog. 


In English we have been writing our own version of the three little pigs. We chose 3 new little characters and a new bad character!

Some children chose 3 little mice, rats, hens, kittens or dogs. 

For our bad characters we chose- a dragon, fox, troll or bear!


The children followed the model text and re-wrote their story!

Well done children you worked hard. 


In maths we have been continuing to add using the part whole model. We started using counters then progressed to just writing numbers. 


In Science we conducted an investigation into which material would be the best and strongest to make a new house. We split into groups and the children had to make one using fabric, tin foil, paper and plastic. We then tested it using our own 'wolf' (the hairdryer) and we discovered that the plastic house was the strongest. 


Have a wonderful half term everyone and stay safe!