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Friday 18th September

Friday 18th September


Welcome to Year 5W’s blog for this week.


Maths - This week we have been looking at place value (what a number is worth). We began the week by reading and writing numbers in words and as digits up to a million! How clever is that? Then, we moved on to recognising the value of a digit within a number. For example, what is the value of the 6 in 23,462? Next, we compared numbers and used the greater than and less than symbol to show which was the biggest. Finally, we compared numbers in a sequence and put them in the correct order from smallest to largest. As you can see we have been extremely busy!


Why not have a play of this fab online game to see how good you are at working out the value of digits.

English - This week we have discovered and enjoyed reading the story Bling! It’s the story of a boy named Billy who has a much loved cat called Goji. Sadly, Billy is a bit of a loser until he meets a mysterious, elf-like creature by the name of Chimichanga. He gives him a special cushion that turns everything into gold! How amazing would that be? Initially, Billy becomes the most popular boy in school but then disaster strikes! Billy is faced with a terrible dilemma…but we will tell you more about that next week.


As part of the work we have completed in class we designed WANTED posters to help look out for the missing Chimichanga that Billy desperately need to locate. Here are some of them…

Topic – We have visited the ALPS to explore the features of woodland. We were looking for trees, plants, flowers and any evidence of animals (e.g. foxes, squirrels or birds). The children were very excited to find a bird’s nest! Here are some photographs from our time there…

Science – This week we have been looking at plants. We revised the parts of a plant (stem, leaves, flower and roots) and their functions. Also, we looked in detail at the different parts of a flower. We had some lilies in class and were able to clearly identify all the different parts. Here are some pictures from our Science lessons this week…

Our Certificate Winner this week is Bobby for his use of extensive, exciting vocabulary in his writing this week. He is proving to be the class thesaurus. A big well done to Bobby from all the class.nonono

We hope you all have a fantastic weekend and look forward to seeing you again on Monday.