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Friday 18th September

Welcome back to another busy week in 3F!



This week in Maths we have continued to partition numbers. We even partitioned 3-digit numbers! We used a number line to help us add and subtract 2-digit numbers!



Ahoy me shipmates! This weeks book has been 'The Pirate Code'. We firstly looked at the front cover and predicted what the book was about, there was lots of interesting ideas. We wrote an acrostic poem about pirates using a variety of adjectives. It was fab!



In science this week we planned a healthy meal and wrote a shopping list for a balanced diet. There was lots to think about.



We carried on with our drumming lessons, we have learnt lots of patterns and beats to play on our drums. I think I know what Father Christmas will be delivering this year.



In R.E we have focussed on the seven days and seven nights of creativity. It sounded like a busy week.



We have carried on with our Tag Rugby lessons. This week we focussed on evasion. This is were we use our agility and footwork to beat a defender. We learnt how to sidestep and put this into a variety of games.



In computing we have learnt what a search engine is and how to use them.



France sounds Tres Bien, we have looked at France as a country. We looked at their foods, transport, landmarks and holiday destinations.