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Friday 19th January

Hello again and welcome back to another packed week in Year 6. 


This week in English, our main task has been to draft and redraft an emotive piece of writing from the point of view of a character who had tragically been forced to hand their baby over to the Foundling Hospital. This was a real institution in Victorian England where desperate and destitute mothers could leave the babies that they could not look after. It is the inspiration behind our class novel, Hetty Feather. Well......... Mr Metcalfe needed a hanky to read the work: it was so crammed with heart-breaking words and phrases.


In maths we have started our unit on measurements (length, mass capacity). Children need to show awareness of the units in which these are measured and all the relevant relationships. So it can get very tricky and children need to be aware that only measurements of the same kind can be added or subtracted. If not they must be converted to same unit.


In topic we have studied a version of Oliver Twist and used it to deduce what life might have been like in Victorian times. We can clearly see that poverty was a major problem and big cities such as London were rather dirty. The rich appeared to be very rich with fine clothes, houses and servants while the poor were very poor and may have had to resort to life in the workhouse, begging or stealing. There is lots to learn.


Have a great week,