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Friday 19th October

Hello and welcome to our final blog for Autumn 1! 


What a busy week we have had!


In English we have been reading the story of the three little pigs. The children have completed many tasks linked to the story such as sequencing the story, learning about time connectives (first, then, next, after that and finally) and retelling the story in their own words. 


In maths we have been continuing to use the vocabulary of greater than, less than, most, least, equal to and comparing numbers. 


In science we completed a science investigation on materials. We used different materials to build a new house. The children were given foil, paper, fabric and plastic. In groups the children constructed a house and we then used a hairdryer (wolf blowing) to see which material was the strongest. 

Here are our photographs of the finished houses. 

And the strongest material was..............plastic!


In topic we have continued to think about ourselves and the houses that we live in. We used clay and constructed a 3D house. We used the techniques practised last week (either spreading or hatching) to join two pieces of clay together. 

Here are some of the finished houses.