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Friday 19th October

Hello and welcome to 5W’s blog; our last week before half term.


We started the week consolidating column addition/subtraction. Miss Power then gave us the calculations with numbers left out and we had to figure out which digits were missing. This is very tricky, especially if there was crossing the tens barriers. This led to looking at Bar Model. Numbers are displayed in bars and we had to work out the missing number. A simple example is shown below. It is not always the top bar that is missing and sometimes there are more than two bars at the bottom.


These bar models can be very helpful to solve word problems.


Character descriptions were our task this week. We thought of adjectives to describe the children (Mike Teevee, Verruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde and Augustus Gloop) from our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Book. Next, we up levelled the words using a thesaurus and used these words to write paragraphs of descriptions.

We have completed so much work on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that it will be strange to start something new. Our final task was a book review.

We also got to see the book fair this week, which we always enjoy.

Time at the Book Fair


We moved on to seed dispersal. Seed are dispersed in different ways; by animals, wind, water and explosion (where the seed pod bursts open). We had to sort out some pictures of seeds and say how we thought they were dispersed.

Pupil of the week is …… Milly Pimblett for persevering and grasping the concept f problem solving using Bar Model, showing that hard work and determination really does pay off.




No birthdays this week



Well, we’ll say bye for now, we finish today, 19thOctober, retuning on 29th October. Have a super break and stay safe.