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Friday 19th October

Firstly, a big thank you to all the parents and carers who attended  Parent's Evening this week. Your continued support is invaluable as always. 


In English this week we have read a short Michael Morpurgo story called The Mozart Question. It tells the story of an introverted world renowned concert violinist who agrees to be interviewed by a young reporter. It turns out his parents were taken to the Jewish concentration camps and so there was a clear connection to the work we have done on World War 2. What ever you do, do not ask him the Mozart question!


In maths we have embarked on the tricky road to learning methods for long division. We have looked at 2 distinct methods and it seems the most popular and user-friendly method is one that repeatedly subtracts chunks of divisor until there is nothing left to subtract.


In topic we have learned to differentiate between primary and secondary sources of information and placed key events on a timeline.


Hope everyone has a great half term week to recharge batteries.


Bye for now!