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Friday 1st December

The festive period has begun! We are excited for the arrival of our Christmas decorations, which Santa normally delivers, along with an elf on the shelf.



We have been writing a letter to the school council to ask them for new playground equipment for our playground.  We used adjectives to describe the toys we wanted and used 'and' sentences to request more than one toy.



We have been learning how to take away using counters and pictures.  We have been been taking away counters and crossing out pictures to help us to solve the subtraction.



We have been learning about hot and cold colours.  We know that red, orange and yellow are hot colours and grey, blue and purple are cold colours.



We have been learning how to dress ourselves for hot and cold weather.  We know that in cold weather we need to wear a coat, hat, scarf and gloves and in hot weather we wear shorts, sandals and t-shirts without sleeves.


Enjoy your weekend.  


Miss Lodge, Mrs Connah and Miss Seddon