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Friday 1st December

Hello again and welcome back to hear about another packed week on Y6W.

In English this week, we have looked closely at some fiction and non-fiction (both about beetles) to continue developing the key skills of fast, accurate retrieval of information, understanding language and making inferences. There is a good buzz about reading at the moment so well done everybody for pushing this important and vital life skill. 

In grammar we have learned how to categorise nouns as either concrete or abstract, concrete being tangible objects that can be physically seen and touched, abstract being feelings and emotions. Having collected examples of these we combined them to create wonderful, fanciful settings such as:


the sanctuary of anger


the cathedral of wisdom


the mausoleum of despair.


The variety of language and the use of new vocabulary being well challenged.


In maths we have been relating fractions to division by converting fractions to their decimal equivalent form and matching them to their percentage also. In addition, the class have been using and applying their knowledge to solve problems involving fractions.


Meantime, in topic we have researched the city of Sydney. While it is not a capital, it has many features of a capital. We wonder what it's missing that means it can't be called a capital. Hope we find out soon.


Have a great week