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Friday 1st February

Brrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! It's freezing outside but it's hot in class.


This week we have been collecting rich vocabulary to help express the loss and the suffering felt when a poor Victorian foster mother had to give children they had cared for since newly born back to the Foundling Hospital when they were 6 years of age.

Enjoy our sentences:


Do you know what it's like to lose a child? [Braydon]

With tears falling down my face, I walked in crestfallen. [ Tyler ]

Fighting back tears,I walked In with stark grief and sobbing miserably (ANMOL)

Entering my old loveless cottage, I gazed at the night's edge all alone. (Dominik)

Can we go home? Its so cold here. (Reece)

I felt as I was a failure to Martha. What would Hetty, Jem, Saul and Gideon think when they wake up to their beautiful step sister Martha GONE forever? (Abi)

Heartbroken, anguished, emotional-will I ever see my little sweet-heart Martha ever again? (Evie)