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Friday 1st February 2019

Hello, and welcome back to Year 4 blog.  We've been super busy recently.  We have been busy in English using Talk for Writing, busy in Maths completing our unit on Multiplication and Division and in Topic we've been busy learning about the Anglo Saxon settlers.

In English, we learnt to `talk' a story.  We used a story map to help us.  A story map is a way of helping remember with pictures, symbols or words.  Our story involved a dragon who wouldn't let people cross his bridge without paying him some money.  Take a look at our story map, then -watch how well we perform our story just from reading it.

We've been working really hard at learning our times tables.  We have been using TTRockstars -as you may well know, as we can access and play on this at home.  We have been taking turns in school on the laptop at trying the beat our scores and collect coins.  We were asked to show our understanding of Arrays by producing an Array Museum.  We think we did a good job...what do you think?
In Topic, we have been learning where the Anglo Saxons came from, why they came to Britain, where they settled and what village life would have been like for them.  Take a look at this fun online activity to find out even more.  Click here