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Friday 1st February

Hello and welcome to year 5W blog. Can you believe it, February already?


We started the week with a prior test on area and perimeter. This is to find out what we remember about them and inform Miss Power of any gaps in our knowledge so she doesn’t teach each what we already know.

Area is the space inside a shape; perimeter is the distance around the edge of a shape.

To calculate area of a rectangle you multiply the length by the width.

To calculate perimeter of a rectangle you add the length of all its sides together.

Try the game on area and perimeter.


We carried working on our talking for writing work; completing the story boards to help us remember the story. Miss Power also let us watch a film clip of a similar genre. Our job was to make notes on the similarities and differences between the stories. The purpose of this was to give us different possibilities for our own stories.

We also did some work on parenthesis and conjunctions, which we were going to include in our writing.

Following this we were given some paragraphs that we had to up level.



Carrying on our space topic, we looked at how space exploration has changed over the years. In particular, the space race that took place between Russia and America.

In 1957 Russia launched Sputnik into space quickly followed by sending Sputnik 2 containing Laika, the first dog into space. In December 1958 America hit back with the first communication satellite sent into space. Further launches took place by both countries, with the prize for the first man to go into space going to Russia in 1961. Yuri Gagarin orbited the Earth once. The first woman in space also went to Russia when Valentina Tereshkova orbited the Earth 48 times in 1963. However, the first man to walk on the moon award went to America. 1n 1969 Neil Armstrong took the first steps on the moons surface. His words have been remembered ever since;

‘That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind!’


Pupil of the week…. is Jason for his concentrated effort and use of a thesaurus to improve the vocabulary in his writing.


Happy birthday Milly, whose birthday was last Sunday. Hope you had a great day; thanks for the sweeties!



See you all again next week. Only two weeks left until half term!