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Friday 1st July



This weeks star pupil was Maddison for her continued effort throughout this year! 

We had 10 children who have read all week this week! Keep up the hard work guys.



We started the week by learning how to add 10 and 100 to any given 3 digit number mentally. We then used this to help us to give change. On Wednesday we practiced measuring the perimeter of 2D shapes, we have got this secure now! Towards the end of the week we practiced counting in 3's,4's and 8's!



This week we focused on grammar. We looked at posessive apostrophes on Monday. We learnt how to punctuate direct speech on Tuesday and used this in our own writing on Wednesday. On Thursday we had to look at a paragraph and summarise the main ideas into a few words and give reasons for our choice.On Friday we looked at the perfect present tense.



On Wednesday we looked at the human skeleton and named the bones in the body. We then thought about the difference between human skeletons and some animal skeletons.



We continued to look at the British coast. We looked closely at a few holiday destinations such as Blackpool, Llandudno and Skegness. We looked at the reasons for visiting the different destinations.


Before the European championships started we all picked a team out of a hat. This was to be the team that we followed. As our team was knocked out of the competition we had to take our flag off the window, this made us sad. Check out the pictures below.