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Friday 1st March

Hello again!


Ever heard of a creature called a miptor? They are extraordinary animals that have been the focus of our English work this week. Actually, we have made them up but we are pretending we are experts in how to look after them and have produced instructive guides in how to care for them. Here are some extracts:


Some miptors lurk in the deep forests ;others lay beyond the rocks on the bright, sunny coastline. (Evie)


This bronze-skinned creature, has the environment of a vivarium, that is 1metre-2metre, with a water bowl and a feeding bowl (the temperature should be about 16 degrees). (Dom)


The miptor ( which originates from the deep jungles of Columbia ) is a quill feathered duck who is a very fascinating creature. ( Anmol )


Found in the Amazon rainforest in the depths of the ground' this fascinating creature is not like an ordinary one . ( Tyler )


Importantly, to make sure your sweet, minute creature obtains all the essential nutrients it needs, feed him or her a mixed diet of meat as miptors are omnivores. [Maddie]


In the depths of Africa you can take this miptor home to look after and make a magical experience so follow an experts advice in this guide to care for this pinchy-friend effectively. (Luke)


Hope you liked them.