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Friday 1st March

Hello and welcome back to 5W blog. We hope you had a ‘chilled out’ break and are refreshed and ready for some hard, enjoyable work! We also say welcome back to Miss Ollerton, who returns to complete her time with us after a spell with another school.


It was time to look at fractions! After completing a prior learning assessment, to see what we’d remembered, we began to further our knowledge. Learning all about equivalent fractions was our job! Firstly, we had to understand and recognise that different fractions are the same (equivalent).

We learnt that you can calculate equivalent fractions with a simple formula :- multiply or divide the top and the bottom of the fraction by the same amount.


English was another talking for writing task. Miss Ollerton introduced us to a new story with a small picture. We spoke at length about where it might be taking place, who was in the story and what might be going to happen. We then wrote our ‘cold task’ story. It’s called cold task as we get o assistance. Following this, we listened to the actual story, Elf Road. We discussed and analysed it, drew a story board and had lots of input to do with grammar, sentence types, fronted adverbials and cohesion, before writing our hot task. The hot task will show the improvement in our writing.


We began our new topic on forces; a push, a pull or a twist.


As part of our space topic, we carried on the production of our space buggies. Before half term, working in groups, we had a great day constructing the frames and electrical circuits for the buggies. It was a very fiddly but enjoyable task. This week we designed the outer casing of the buggies so they looked more car-like.

We then started our new topic, which is geography based, called ‘Climb every Mountain’.

Pupil of the week…. Hayden, for simply being Hayden! He is hard- working, well-mannered, conscientious and friendly; an excellent Yr 5 role model!

Have a lovely weekend!