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Friday 1st November

We hope you had a wonderful, well rested half term and are ready for another very busy half term ahead!



This week we have been learning how to subtract two 3 digits numbers. At first it was plain sailing, but it got more difficult as we had to exchange!


Here is the link to login to TT rockstars.


Your username is your first name and second name inital. Your password is y3w.

For example


Name: John Turner

Username: johnt

password: y3w



Can you believe it?


A teacher called this morning,

He didn't leave his name,

Put every sound into a bag, 

And carried it away!!



A teacher called this morning,

He didn't leave his name,

Left us only silence,

Life will never be the same!


This week we wrote our very own poems based on The Sound Collector by Roger McCough.


We then wrote Halloweeeeen acrostic poems! On Friday we changed sentences from future tense to past tense.



We tested our hand at last years Bebras challenges in preparation for next week when we try this years! Why don't you give them a try.... Good Luck!



In P.E we started our dance unit! It isn't like a dance you would see at a party, we are starting to learn the Haka!



This week our focus was decision making, we were faced with a number of dilemmas and had to think about what we would do.



We started to learn about Rock Stars this week! We started by looking at a variety of rocks and putting them into groups. 



We began our prehistoric Britain topic. We did this by venturing out to the ALPs and considering what we would need to survive. We decided on shelter, food, water and fire.