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Friday 20th January 2017

Welcome back to 4F's blog.  Wow, these weeks in 2017 just fly by.  Our certificate winner this week was Ethan.  He really impressed his teachers this week with his huge efforts in handwriting.  Small steps, and giant leaps.  It was great to see him collect his certificate too -he seemed as `pleased as punch'.

In English this week, we worked some more on our poem, The Owl and the Pussy-Cat.  We have written this throughout the week as a newspaper report.  We started Monday by doing our opening sentence.  The opening sentence should include the 5 Ws -Who, What, Where, When, Why.


Yesterday, the Owl and the Pussy-Cat came back from Bong Tree Island because of their marriage, because they are in love.



The happy couple sailed away for a year and a day to get married.  The Owl and the Pussy-Cat returned yesterday after being married on Bong Tree Island.



On Tuesday and Wednesday we added more to the report with paragraphs that include more detail on the story.  On Thursday we wrote quotes from the characters.


"I got the ring from the Piggy-Wig ring store.  They had the January Sale-2 for 1, so I had a spare," said the Piggy-Wig.


In Maths this week, we have been looking at hundredths and tenths.  We have really grasped this idea.  We can find hundredths and tenths of a number and give this as a fraction and decimal.  Like this...
We have also had lots of fun playing this online Hundredths and Tenths game.  Click here.

We had lots of fun -and did lots of exercise in pour PE lesson this week when we started our circuit training.  We worked our way around 5 activities -jump the line, hoola-hooping, shuttle run, skipping and pass the ball around our waist.  We had two attempts at this -so we tried to improve our score.  We will do this for the next few weeks until we try to beat our bleep test score from last week.  Take a look at how energetic it all was.

We have been using a really great program as part of our Computing this week.  We have been looking at onscreen control using algorithms (a set of instruction).  We used Lightbot -and it can be found here -CLICK HERE.

It is free to play online and to download from Google Play, and for the iPad from the App Store.

We'll see you next time.  Take Care.

Can you spot someone who needed a lie down at the thought of PE?