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Friday 20th January

Friday 20th January


Welcome to this week’s blog from Year 5F. This week Mrs Hannon awarded a special reward certificate to a child from each class throughout school. All last half term the theme for the school’s phase assemblies has been about respect. As a school, we have been thinking about how we can show respect to both people and property. Everybody in school (whether an adult or child) has had the opportunity to award special respect tokens to a child when they feel they deserve it for showing respect. The tokens were then counted up and the one with the most was the winner.


Here is the Year 5F class winner with his RESPECT certificate…

Maths – The children have started to look at fractions this week. They have been looking at equivalent fractions (fractions worth the same amount like a half and two quarters). They have also begun to compare fractions, using a fraction wall, to see which are bigger or smaller than each other.


Take a look at this website where you can build your own fraction wall…

English – We have begun our new class novel, The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.

The children are really enjoying the story so far. It is about a young boy called Hogarth who goes fishing in the local stream only to come across an Iron Man with a head as big as a bedroom and eyes that flash from blue to red. The Iron Man begins his adventure in this town on the beach, when he topples off the cliff and smashes apart. His parts are scattered far and wide and then discovered by some hungry sea gulls.


The children imagined what the seagulls might be saying to each other as they discover the parts. They wrote a conversation and then some of them came to the front of class and read (or acted) them out. Take a look at some of the children here…

seagull conversation 1

Still image for this video

seagull conversation 2

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seagull conversation 3

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seagull conversation 4

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seagull conversation 5

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Following on from that, the children listened to the opening of the story. Then they watched a short, animated clip of the opening. Take a look at here…

Then they wrote their own version of the opening of the story using similes to describe the Iron Man.


Topic – The children have been using both information books and the internet to produce a fact file all about Space. They have been looking for interesting facts about the other planets in our solar system, the Moon, the Sun, stars and our galaxy, the Milky Way. Amazingly, although Mercury is closest to the sun, at night its temperature drops to -173°C and during the day it climbs to a scorching 427°C?


Science – The children have been investigating how all the planets orbit around the sun. They looked at the different sizes of the planets. Did you know that Earth is the fifth largest planet with a diameter of 12, 756 km? Using scaled down versions of the eight planets in our solar system, the children went outside and made their very own human planetarium. Here is some film footage of them…

human planetarium 1

Still image for this video

human planetarium 2

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human planetarium 3

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Here is our PUPIL OF THE WEEK. She won her certificate for surprising us all with her Academy Award winning performance during our English lesson this week. She is a star in the making!

All that remains to say is have a great weekend and we will see you again on Monday.