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Friday 20th November

Half way through term Autumn 2!


This weeks attendance stood at 99.3%. Well done to those children that came in every day!


3F were very proud of this weeks pupil of the week, who even got voted pupil of the week for KS2 in the middle phases.

This weeks deserving winner was Callum, who understands the importance of reading, this is making a huge impact on his progress in class. 


Also well done to Kelsey, Mollie, Scarlett, Braydon, Reece, Anmol, Michael, KJ, Tegan and Callum who have read everyday this week! Keep it up Guys.


This week also saw Scarlett become a sister to a beautiful little girl. 3F would like to say congratulations to Scarlett and her family!



We have continued to look at multiplication. and have used repeated addition to help us. We now understand that multiplication is a number added to itself repeatedly. We also used our knowledge of multiplication to work out the missing number in some calculations. Mr Fletcher was very impressed with his class this week.



We have continued to look at the Stone Age Boy. This week we wrote paragraphs to describe the Stone Age Boys, appearance, behaviour and feelings. We also learnt how to change sentences in the present tense to the past tense.



Wigan warriors came in and taught us how to catch and pass. We have to remember to show our W's and spread our fingers. We also had a go at pilates, some of us felt very sleepy afterwards. That was a nice way to end a busy week.



We finished our 3D photo frames this week. They are looking fab, we will be able to take them home soon! We have moved on to learn about the Stone Age, we had a class discussion about the differences between the stone age and now, some of the more adventurous children said they would like to live in the stone age, whilst others preferred today's society



In science we looked at the different places rocks are found. We discussed how rocks get there and how they get their shape. We used the laptops to research these locations and made an information poster to feed back to the rest of the class.


On Thursday 11 Y3's went to an inter-school tournament with Mr Fletcher. They represented the school very well and were great sportsmen and women. Mr Fletcher was proud to call the children Westfield pupils.