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Friday 20th September

Music Lesson

Hello! Here is our blog for this week…


We have been working on negative numbers in maths and putting them into context. We looked at where we might find negative numbers in real life, such as in temperature and bank accounts!! We carried out practical tasks and learned some little tips and tricks along the way for checking our answers back.


In English we have been studying a story called The Gas Mask, which is based on WW2 events and links perfectly with our history work. We have worked on sentence structures, including fronted adverbials and noun phrases and applied these to our written work.


We had a great music lesson this week where we played glockenspiels to ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams – what a bunch of talented musicians we have!


In science we have continued our work on light and shadows and in history we wrote a war poem and created a fact file on the Battle of Britain.

Once again, it’s been a full-on week in 6W so we hope the children have a good weekend in order to continue our busy schedule next week!


See you on Monday

Love from Mrs Parry & Mrs Melling xx