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Friday 21st April

Welcome back to our class blog.  We hope you had a great Easter break and that you didn't eat too much chocolate.  (What's that?  Is it possible to have too much chocolate?)

No catchphrases this week but we do have a conundrum...

Just how is it that a 4 day week in school feels longer than a normal full week?? Maybe it's because we have been so... yes you know what's coming next...BUSY!


In English, we have been working on explanation texts and we did this by looking at Magnificent Machines by Pie Corbett.  (He wrote Dragonory, if you recall.)

We started by looking at the `Tidy Your Bedroom' Machine.  It really was a `Magnificent Machine', and it would certainly help keep our bedrooms tidy (and our parents and carers off our backs too - bonus!)

Then, we looked another machine called the 'Teacher Pleaser' and all our teachers thought this was an excellent idea and welcomed all our ideas on how we could please them. Guess who suggested chocolate...?

We then went on to write our own explanation for the `Teacher Pleaser' Machine.  

Take a look at some of our fabulous writing below.

Maths has been all about our new topic, Measurement this week.  We have started it by looking at Perimeter and length.  Did you know that the perimeter is the measurement of the outside line of a shape and that you find the perimeter by adding up the length of the sides of the shape. We have learned that this week and have been finding the perimeters of lots of quadrilaterals (that's a shape with 4 sides). We then went on to find out how many quadrilaterals we could make that had a perimeter of 20cm (there were 5!). Finally, Miss Whittle challenged us to investigate this statement. The total perimeter of a quadrilateral is ALWAYS a multiple of 4. True or False? Prove it! We worked very hard on this - phew!

Now your turn. Can you find the perimeters of the examples we have for you below?


Computing has been one of the highlights of the week. Why you may wonder. Well we have started our Minecraft topic.  We are working in groups to redesign our school ALPS including an ALPS classroom.  It was brilliant fun and we can't wait until next week.  We'll post some screenshots soon.


This week's 'well done' goes to Logan for returning to school after the Easter break with a much improved attitude to learning and his work is soooo much better. Keep it up, Logan! 


Don't forget to have your say.  Each week you will have a chance to decide on which new song we will learn in next week's whole school assembly.  Click on the link below to take part in the online vote.