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Friday 21st December

Hello and welcome to the final 5W’s blog before Christmas. What a fun filled week it’s been.


This week was a maths challenge week. We were given maths problems with different operations to solve.


In English this week Miss Power introduced our new class novel (a copy of which we have to bring home); the Jamie Drake Equation. We were shown a small picture from the front cover and we had to predict who, what, where and when the book was about.

Thankfully, Miss Power then read the first couple of chapters to us.


In science we looked at the gestation periods of various mammals. We then drew a bar chart to show the different lengths of time. Following that, we used the data to answer some questions.


Thursday was party day; what a fun filled day that was! It was filled with games, a movie, party food, prizes and lots of chilling time!


Pupil of the week…… Is Georgie for simply being Georgie!!A truly wonderful member of the class. She is hard working, determined and always strives to improve; a pleasure to teach.



All that’s left to say is have a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

And dare I say, we’ll see you all on the Tuesday 8th January!