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Friday 21st July 2017

Welcome back, you're just in time for the last post of the 2016-17 academic year.  It only seems like yesterday that it was Thursday (note -that joke will only work if you are reading it today, and today is Friday.  In any case, what ever the day is today (when you are reading this) subtract one day and replace Thursday with it...that should do the trick).

What an amazing time we had on Tuesday here at Westfield with our first ever Westfest!  Wow!  Thank you to all those parents and friends that managed to come along and lend your support.  Over 300, yes -300! came along on the afternoon to watch us sing, enjoy the sunshine and buy from our stalls.  Take a look!

Amazing, huh?

As this is our final blog in Year 4F, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to take a look back at our year, and revisit some of the highlights.  So, tissues and soppy music at the goes.

Cast your mind back to our Beatle Day Out.  Watch and enjoy.

Beatle Day Out 9th Dec 16

Still image for this video
You may also remember our Talk for Writing.  This was based on the book Dragonory -compiled by Pie Corbett.  Take a look at us here -how young do we look?surprise

Talk for Writing.mp4

Still image for this video
Way back on the 31st March, we posted pictures of our water remember right?  No?  Really?   Take another look and it will all come flooding back.

We're sure that you have lots of memories too of our time in Year 4 -we hope you have enjoyed being part of our journey through school too.  All that remains for us to say is -thank you, the children of Year 4 for all you hard work and enthusiasm this year -you really have been a pleasure to work with.  We wish you good luck as you move onto Year 5 and beyond.  Also, a big thank you to you, the parents, for all of your support throughout the past academic year.

Have a great summer holidays, and no doubt we'll see you back in September.

Thank you from Y4F staff, Mr Price, Mrs Willcox and Miss Haslam