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Friday 21st September 2018

Wow...we have a newbie to Year 4! It's our new Reading Corner.  Have you seen it yet?  We know that some of our children have asked parents to come in to take a look.  If you haven't been in yet, why not call in to take it all in?  It's great, and we love it!  Take a look.
In English, we have been using a short animation called `Ride of Passage' to work from.  It's a great story about a boy named Toki who is set out into the rainforest to capture the biggest animal he can.  He comes across a giant chameleon.  We won't tell you how it ends -why not see for yourself.

Ride Of Passage

Year four have been equally busy in maths over the week. We have looked at counting on in 25's from any given number. We have compared and ordered numbers beyond 1000 and we have looked at negative numbers and counting through zero. We even looked at some mastery work towards the end of the week! I told you it had been one busy week!

We have been busy writing our own version of the story using fronted adverbials and embedded clauses.  Our teachers have been super impressed.

We have also started a new class reader called The Legend of Podkin One-Ear by Kieran Larwood.  Already we're hooked.  It is the story of a rabbit called Podkin, his sister Paz, and younger brother Pook.  They are on the run from The Gorm -iron clad warriors who are trying to steal 12 gifts given by The Goddess to each of the 12 tribes.  We have just got to a cliffhanger.  Unfortunately, we have to wait until next week for our thrilling instalment.  But then, so do you -bye for now.