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Friday 22nd April

Hello and welcome back to 5W's blog of the week.



This week the children have been looking at the relationship between fractions and decimals. We started the week by looking at tenths of a number, moved onto hundredths and then thousandths and writing the decimal equivalents. We have also spent the week testing our maths knowledge on what we know about fractions and decimals so far.



The class have been looking at a variety of texts and answering questions all about what they have read. We have been looking at different questions such as spotter questions (where you just have to spot the answer) and clue finder questions (where you need to look for clues to answer the question) and finally chatterer questions (where you have to explain the author's choice of language). Lots of reading skills this week, again really important that the children read at home, this will really help them in school, especially with this type of work.



We have started this half terms topic Ancient Greeks this week. The children have located both the United Kingdom and Greece using the globes and maps. The children wrote a fact file all about Greece, which included the continent it is part of, the currency used, its population and many more. Did you know the tallest mountain in Greece is called Mount Olympus? The children then used their knowledge of Britain and Greece to organise a list of facts about the two countries.



The children have continued their work in forces this week. We looked at how air resistance works by completing an experiment in class. We looked at how weight affects how quickly an object falls to the floor and we made spinners and paper clips to test our theory. We then created a mind map and thought about how things would be different if there was no gravity!


Our certificate winners this week were Ellis, Leon, Jamie and Ryan for showing outstanding sportsmanship at this weeks football match! Even though we didn't win the boys showed dignity throughout and made Westfield very proud. 


See you all on Monday morning and have a wonderful weekend (hopefully with more sun).