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Friday 22nd January

Welcome to 5W's blog of the week. 



This week in English the children have been busy doing lots of research into different aspects of space. Some of us looked at animals in space, others the International Space Station, black holes and even comets. The children designed posters all about their chosen topic which are packed full of information and look wonderful! The children then used their posters to present their information to the rest of the class. It was excellent to hear all the interesting facts that 5W had found out and collected. Well done to everybody in class who got up and gave it a go!



This week in maths has been an extremely busy one! We started the week by looking at the perimeter (distance around the outside) of squares and rectangles, and then moved onto finding the perimeter of compound shapes (More than one shape joined together). Next, we looked at the area of 2d shapes (space on the surface) and then challenged ourselves by finding the area of compound shapes! By the end of the week we started to investigating the volume of 3d shapes! Very clever stuff indeed! To find the volume of a shape you times the length by the width, then by the height. It really has been an exhausting week in maths!

Have a play on this website and test you area and perimeter knowledge. 



This week the children continued their study into the phases of the moon. Keep practicing the rap over the weekend so you can remember it by next week! We then moved onto looking at how we have day and night. Well it's all to do with the rotation of the Earth on its axis. So when the Earth is facing towards the sun, then it is daytime and when it is facing away from the sun, then it is nighttime! 



Year 5W have looked at the globe in detail this week. We looked at how maps and globes differ but they still show us the world. The children were challenged to use an atlas and a globe to locate continents, countries and oceans on a map. Was pretty straight forward once we got the hang of it! 


Our certificate winner this week was Ryan, for not only his mature attitude to learning but for his mature behaviour not only inside but outside of the classroom too. Well done Ryan, keep it up.