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Friday 22nd January

Friday 22nd January


Welcome back to Year 5F’s blog for this week.


Maths – This week we have been, as always, extremely busy! We began the week by continuing how to find the perimeter (distance around the outside) of regular 2D shapes followed by finding the area (space on the surface) of regular 2D shapes. We then moved on to tackling the area of a compound shape (a shape made up of two or more basic shapes). Amazingly, by the end of the week we have been investigating and working out the volume of 3D shapes. Some of us used the mathematical formula of length x width x height to work it out, whereas others made the shape using cubes and then counted them to calculate the volume. Here are some pictures from Friday’s Maths lesson…

Click on the link below to have a go at both finding the volume of a shape at home. You can either multiply the length by the width then by the height or you can count the cubes…

English – This week the children have been busy researching different topics to do with space. Some have found out about animals in space, others Neil Armstrong, others the Challenger Mission Explosion and others Tim Peake. They have all designed posters which look fabulous. All this has built up to them presenting their poster and what they have found out to the rest of the class. Even our most shy classmates have joined in and as part of a group made a presentation to the rest of the class. Well done to everyone.


Topic – The children have been looking at maps and globes and how they differ. They have located all the continents and oceans and placed them correctly on a world map using both atlases and globes to help. Also, they have located different countries around the world and placed on the correct continent.


See if you can place all the continents and oceans in the correct place on this interactive map at home…

Science – This week the children have continued to explore the different phases of the moon. Also, they have been finding out how we experience day and night. Did you know that when the earth is facing towards the sun it is daytime and when it faces away it will be night time.


Our certificate this week was awarded to Megan for seamlessly fitting into Year 5F. Well done to Megan.

All that remains to say is to have a great weekend and we will see you on Monday.