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Friday 22nd June

Hello, and welcome back to year 5W blog.


In maths we moved on to word problems involving percentages. For example, we were given problems involving money, where there was a 30% off sale. These have multiple steps as you must find 30% of an amount, and then subtract it from the original price.

Try the sale percentage game.

We then began a new maths topic on perimeter. Perimeter is the continuous line forming a boundary of a closed geometrical figure.


We had to write an independent piece of writing so that Miss Power could assess it against what is expected to be a Year 5 writer. Miss did explain the types of things we needed to include; ‘ate’, ‘ise’ and ‘ify’ words where you convert nouns or adjectives into verbs using the suffixes. Eg. horror –horrify. Use words like then, after that, firstly to build cohesion.

We needed to include degrees possibility using adverbs (perhaps, surely) or modal verbs (might, should, will must). Use commas to clarify meaning.


We have come to the end of our topic on forces, so we had to create a piece of work that could show what we had learnt.



As the World Cup has started, each class entered a draw to select two teams. Our teams are Germany and Panama. Our topic work this week was learning more about these two countries. However, the first thing we did was to use an atlas to locate all the countries that are taking part in the World Cup and plot them on a map of the world.

We also carried on work on Ancient Greece. Learning about clothing, and how different it was for men and women; men had far more freedom than women, who generally had to look after the home and care for the children.



We were lucky this week to have a P.E morning at Shevington High School. This included a variety of activities including; dodge ball, football rounders, quick cricket, football skills and races.


Pupil of the week, and indeed the Upper Phase Trophy winner, was Frank Tymon for his beautiful presentation in his science work all about forces. Even Mrs Pennington commented on his neat hand writing!


And finally, may we take the opportunity to inform you about the WOWS Schools Art Exhibition. It started on the 19th June and runs till 8th July at Robin Park Leisure Centre. Children’s art work from various schools in the authority, including Westfield are on display. It is free to enter and well worth a visit!


Enjoy your Weekend!