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Friday 22nd June

Hello again,

English - we have turned the opening moments of the Highwayman poem into narrative, using language to effectively introduce the spooky, mysterious atmosphere and establish

the gallant, roguish main character alongside his love, the landlord's daughter, 


Maths - we have embarked on some investigations this week. If the government introduced coins in just denominations of 3p and 5p, would goods of any value be able to be purchased? What do you think? How would goods to the value of, say, 4p be paid for?

Well, pay with 10p (5p x 2) and receive 6p (3p x 2) change. We think those coins would pay for anything but you'd need big pockets!!!!!


Topic - The Mayan culture believed in many gods that controlled different, important aspects of life. We discussed how those gods were depicted and how worshipped. Following that, we designed new gods for the Mayans.


Three weeks and a bit and counting! Where has it all gone?