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Friday 22nd March 2019

Well, another busy, busy week here in Year 4.

In English, we have been looking again at inference.  Inference is when something is implied and not said.  So, when we read, authors might want us to form an opinion but without actually saying the words.  We played the inference game.  Say, why don't you try it for yourself?

Claire spends most of her days talking to cats and dogs in a silly voice. Their owners are sometimes very worried when they come to see her so it’s important that Claire is always happy and positive. She gets ready for work by tying her hair back and putting on her long, white coat. 1. What does Claire do for her job?
a. Claire is a clown.
b. Claire is a vet.
c. Claire is a waitress.


Poppy works in a place where everybody calls her by her surname, Mrs Peterson. She loves helping children to learn new things, especially if it involves numbers and sums. Poppy’s favourite thing about her job is that she
gets to play lots of different games at play time, even though she’s a grown up.  What does Poppy do for her job?
a. Poppy is a nurse.
b. Poppy is a scientist.
c. Poppy is a maths teacher.


Clive is a big, strong man and he’s not afraid of very much at all. He helps to rescue people from their homes when there is an emergency. Clive gets to slide down a tall poll every day and he especially loves driving his big, red truck with loud sirens on.
3. What does Clive do for a job?
a. Clive is a fireman.
b. Clive is an ambulance driver.
c. Clive is a mail man.

In Computing, we have been demonstrating that we can communicate and collaborate using computers.  We have been using MineCraftEdu to design and build our own house.  We have been working as part of a team so that we have a small community of our own.  Check out how construction is coming along.