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Friday 22nd March 2019

This week's stars of the week were all of Year 1W for their outstanding behaviour on our school trip. We had a lovely time meeting all of the baby animals!


In Maths this week, we have been counting up to 50.  We have been working on recognising and writing numbers to 50.  We have been using the dienes to count the number of tens and ones in numbers up to 50.


In English, we have been retelling the story of The Enormous Turnip.  We have made a story map and have been using it to retell the story.  Today we wrote the story using all of the exciting adjectives we have been using. 


In Science, we have been thinking about what makes a plant a plant and a tree a tree.  We looked at different plants and trees. We came to the conclusion that trees have trunks and branches, but dont always need to be big (we looked at bonsai trees).  We said that plants had stems and sometimes flowers with petals.


In topic we have been writing a recount of our visit to the farm.  Here is our work:


First we went on a double decker bus to get to the farm.

When we got there we fed the sheep, goats and llamas.

After that we went on a bumpy tractor ride.  At the top we fed the donkeys.

Then we had our lunch.  It was yummy having a packed lunch.

After lunch we went to pets corner to meet the baby animals.  We fed the baby lambs and met baby goats.  We met a baby donkey called Tinsel because she was born at Christmas.  At the end we got to hold baby chicks and baby guinea pigs.  
Finally we went on a donkey ride before going back to the coach and going home.  We had the BEST day!


Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Lodge, Ms Rose and Mrs Mason