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Friday 22nd March

Welcome back!


Do you know what a cohesive device is?

They are words or groups of words that provide links and connections within and across paragraphs. The use of them is essential when writing towards Year 6 standard and they allow writing to flow meaningfully. 

Examples of cohesive devices are: 

Adverbials of time- Soon after, a while later, Some moments later, 

Add ons - in addition, as well as that, 

Comparisons - however, similarly.

Point makers - in fact, without a doubt ................ and lots more besides!


In maths we are working hard to ensure coverage before SATS (it's not ideal that the curriculum contains a year's work yet SATS come barely after two terms). So this week we have examined what is meant by ratio and proportion and tackled puzzles and problems regarding unequal shares and also moved on to the geometry skill of calculating missing angles on a straight line and around a point. Busy as always!


See you soon!