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Friday 22nd November

In English we have continued to look at non- fiction writing and we have linked this to our history topic about our school in the past. The children were given true and false statements about the school and park and they had to decipher between them. 

Today we have put all the information together to write an information text using subheadings and captions. 


In Maths we have continued to look at subtraction. The children have been using pictorial representations of counters to cross out the required amount in order to find out how many are left. 

Some children have explored subtraction in a word problem. 


We are continuing to look at number bonds to 10. It is essential that children in Year 1 know them quickly and speedily. I have sent home the Number Bond song that we use to help us remember and if you could practice at home it would be very helpful. 


In Geography we have started to look at hot and cold countries and we have linked this to our science topic 'Seasonal Changes' We have discussed what the weather would be like in those different countries and the clothing that we would need to wear in a hot or a cold country. 


We hope you all have a great weekend love from Mrs Woodcock and Mrs Folksman