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Friday 22nd September



Congratulations to Kian this week for receiving the achievement award for always trying, being ready to learn, a model citizen and doing it all with a big smile. Well done Kian.


Further congratulations to Evie R, Riley S, Annabelle, Archie, Fawaz, Mason H, Kian and Victoria for completing their first ten stamps on their reading rockets and receiving a class token or prize!



In maths this week we have continued to work on place value. We have been counting forwards and backwards, representing numbers in different ways (using counters, in pictures, numbers and number names) and continuing to practise our number formation.

If you would like to help us to learn at home please help us to make sure we write our numbers facing the right way (and the right way around e.g. 1 first in 18, not 81) and practise counting forwards or backwards from any given number within 20.



We have completed our work on the Gruffalo this week. We have been learning about adjectives (describing words) and using these to describe the mouse from the story. Now we can say which word in the sentence is the adjective too.

If you would like to help us to learn at home please practise sounding out simple words and writing simple sentences with finger spaces between each word.



We have continued to learn about materials this week focussing upon the material which something is made from. We sorted pictures of items made of fabric, plastic, metal and wood.



This week we have started to look at changes within living memory. We have looked at old and new toys and sorted them. If you would like to help us to learn at home you please show us any old toys you have from yours or your parents childhood, or show them pictures using the internet.


Have a great weekend,

Lots of love,

Miss Rose, Mrs Duckworth and all the Y1F staff x x x x x