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Friday 23rd March

Hello and welcome back to 5W’s blog.


In maths we carried on looking at ordering fractions. The fractions had different denominators so we had to convert them to the same denominator so we could then order them from largest to smallest and visa versa


1/2 3/4 4/12

We change the fractions to twelfths as that’s the lowest common multiple

Therefore ; 6/12 9/12 and 4/12

So in order 4/12 1/2 3/4



This week we were looking at the features of biographies. We read, picked out the features and made notes on an extract of Hogarth Hughes’s (the main character in the Iron Man) biography. This would help us write our own biography of him.


Sir Isaac Newton was our focus this week in science. He is credited with the ‘discovery’ of Gravity; the Newton meter is named after him. This device is used to measure the force of gravity placed on an object.



Let’s not forget Book Week. We always have great fun looking at all the different books, then we write a brief review and some of us are lucky enough to buy one.

Hope you have a happy weekend. Remember, only 4 more days to the Easter holidays!