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Friday 23rd November

Hello and welcome to the 5W’s blog.


More long multiplication was the name of the game this week. Multiplying 3 and 4 digit numbers by a 2digit number.


We started the week looking at prefixes (added to the beginning of a root word) and suffixes (added to the end of a root word).

The prefixes were de, dis, re, over and mis. Making new words like; mistake, overrun, rework, despair and denote.

We also looked at extracts of text from Bling and had to write what we deduced from them.

Our writing this week was a diary extract. We had to pretend we were Billy on the day he discovered his beloved cat had sat on the magic cushion and been turned into solid gold. Fronted adverbials and time connectives were the things we were asked to concentrate on.


In science we looked at the life cycle of a bird, namely a black swan. Eggs hatch after about six weeks. The new baby (cygnet) stays with its parents for around six months. At around four years old the now adult swan finds a mate to breed with. Once the eggs are laid, the female sits on them while the male brings her food. Swans usually, live for approximately twelve years, and stay together for life.



Our first job was a comprehension on Viking long ships. Following that we completed our long ship art work.

Take a look at some of our work.

Pupil of the week is …… Elise Finch-Rowe for taking her writing to the next level and overcoming her fears and reading out loud to the class with fluency and expression.


Stay warm and enjoy your weekend!