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Friday 23rd September 2016

Well hello out there, glad to see you have dropped in again.  We've had another exciting week in Year 4F.

In English this week, we have been learning even more about Roald Dahl.  We did some independent research on the internet and from books.  Did you know for instance that his first book for children was `The Gremlins'?  He wrote this for Walt Disney to make into a film, but for some reason Disney didn't make it.  We also found out that whilst at school, he was a champion boxer -knocking his first opponent out cold with his first punch.  Later in his life, he help to develop a machine that has helped to save 1000s of children's lives after his son, Theo, was knocked down by a car.  We knew Roald Dahl was amazing, but we are even more amazed at how truly amazing he actually was...if that makes sensesurprise

In Maths, we have been looking at negative numbers and Roman Numerals.  Both of these were a little challenging to begin with.  However, with a little perseverance they became easier.  Say, why don't you have a little go at some of our Maths from Friday.  Take a look...

This might help.

Okay, so try these.


XII + VI =       VIII + V =     XI + XII =      VI + IX =    IX + VIII =


Some subtraction?


XXII - IX =         XII - VII =        XIII  - IX =     XIX -  VIII =


How did you do? Answers on a postcard to...

In PSHE, Mr P told us that life is like a sandwich.  We think he has this wrong -everyone knows `life is like a box of chocolates'.surprise  He told us that to make the perfect sandwich you had to have the right balance of ingredients.  That if there was too much of one thing, then the sandwich just wouldn't work.  Our lives are a little like this -you need to have a balanced lifestyle to have a happy life.  There are things that we `need'(like a sandwich needs the bread) and things that we 'choose' because we like them (like peanut butter and eggsad).  You'll be amazed at how mature our responses were.  We need things like shelter and food, to keep clean etc.  We also think that we need family and friends, to be cared for and to be kind to others.  The things we choose are the the things that make us happy -such as gymnastics club, music and playing with our friends.  Phew!  A lot of thinking went on in that lesson!

In Science, we carried out an investigation.  We had ice in a beaker and a thermometer to measure the temperature every 3 minutes.  The temperature started around 26 degrees and dropped very quick to 0 and below.  As we made our observations, we noticed that the ice melted.  This was because the room temperature was higher than zero.  Temperature can affect the state of a material and turn it from a solid to a liquid.

Finally, our achievement award this week went to Mollie.  She has come to school every day this week with a smile on her face -what a superstarno

Well, that's all for now, see you next time.