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Friday 24th January

Hello again, hope you have all has a good week! Here is what has been happening in year 6 this week!


In English we have been working on using emotive language to convey the feelings of 'Mother' in Hetty Feather. We  then started to write a diary entry of the day when she returned one of her children to the Foundling Hospital. Although this is still work in progress, what I have seen so far has been on a very good standard.smiley


Maths has been all about percentages and decimals and how these correlate with fractions. Although some found this tricky to start, they got their heads down and worked really hard on it. Great attitudes to learning.yes


In history we looked at what our local area was like in the Victorian times and how it looks now. Did you that there was a colliery in Norley Hall?


And finally, in science we carried out an investigation to see our breathing rate and heart rate increased with exercise.


Have a good weekend and we will see you on Monday.

Love from Mrs Parry & Mrs Melling xx