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Friday 24th January

Friday 24th January 2020


Welcome to Year 5F’s blog for this week. It has been a busy week with lots going on as always!


Maths – This week the children have continued to investigate and then consolidate their learning on ‘bus-stop’ or short division. Having quick recall of multiplication and division facts is an essential skill to help quickly work out answers. A big well done to all the children in class who are working hard to gain their times table wristbands.


All the children have log-in details to access Times Table Rockstars for free online to help them with rapid recall of multiplication and division facts. In addition, they can use Hit the Button which you can play on by using the link below…

English – This week the children have continued looking at a poem called The Dreadful Menace in Talk for Writing They have used the structure closely to write a new poem about a volcano.


Next, they went on to work in groups to collect vocabulary and phrases to describe other images they were given, such as a waterfall and a tornado. They then used this vocabulary to invent and write a poem of their own.


Topic – In Geography, the children have been learning about tectonic plates. They discovered that these are plates under the Earth’s crust and above the mantle. They are constantly moving so all the continents are either moving away or towards each other. Where the plates meet there are fault lines and as they push and shove against each other this can cause an earthquake!


Science – The children have been thinking about the shape of our planet. Today we know it is a sphere, but hundreds of years ago people actually believed that the Earth was flat!


Here is our certificate winner for the week. She won for finding her Year 5 feet! Through continued effort, determination and hard work everything has just fallen into place! It has been our pleasure to watch her blossom! Congratulations from everyone in Year 5.

All that remains to say is have a wonderful weekend and we will see you again on Monday.