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Friday 24th January


The happy classroom has been filled with bright ideas this week. All you could hear was pages turning and pens quickly scribbling thoughts onto paper. The clock counting every moment, tick tock, tick tock. Lights twinkling in the class library, like mini fireworks celebrating great writing. Our week of descriptive writing!




We have moved on from multiplication and started dividing a 0ne digit number from a to digit number. We have also been practicing our times tables.




What an explosive week we have had looking at volcanoes and how they are formed. We also know where some are located in the world!




The best kind of ship is a friendship! We have been discussing what makes a good or bad friendship and what we would want in a friendship. How healthy relationships are a good addition to making you happy.



We are still working on a gymnastics skill. This week was balancing and counter balancing.



Magnets! Do you know what is magnetic in class? We do, after exploring the room with a magnet. We also know about the forces of a magnet and when two magnets are put together they might repel or attract one another.